We are photographers, what drives us is light and location, nothing more, nothing less. We will not give you a fixed itinerary, pre-planned meal times or state months in advance where we will be on a given time and date, we will sit every evening with the map and the weather forecast, we will plan to make the most of the conditions with you and we will push to give you the absolute best experience. You will need to be prepared for early mornings, late nights, good food and excellent company.

We work in very small groups, 2 guides, 2 vehicles and restrict group size to 6 people. This gives each person room in the vehicles and a window to take in the stunning landscape as we travel around. There will always be plenty of room for equipment and the opportunity to either work together or split up to cover different locations and photographic disciplines.

We give you as much support as you need, as professional photographers and guides, we understand that each individual has their own goals and we react to that. If you are an established photographer just looking for a group of likeminded people to explore with then we have you covered; if you’re a beginner looking to take your photography on to the next level then we are absolutely the right people to help you, If you’re somewhere in the middle, looking to do your own thing and get feedback and tips then look no further!