Oliver, got into photography via climbing and mountaineering and has been working as a full time professional photographer since Feb 2014.  He has worked the last two Winters in Northern Sweden as a landscape and aurora photography guide as well as running macro and landscape workshops closer to home in Yorkshire, UK.  Oliver’s published work is very diverse and has been in magazines from Grand Designs to BBC Wildlife.  He’s also had work in the British Wildlife Photography Awards for the last 4 years in a row! 

What we shoot with

We are proud to be brand agnostic when it comes to gear, we don't mind what you shoot with! Powerful imagery can be created with everything from an iPhone to large format film, it's how you use what you've got that's important. We carry Canon, Nikon, Sony and Phase One Medium Format cameras personally but we have experience with most major brands. If you are a beginner we can help you set up your camera so that it works for you and help you out with the myriad of technical features available in current cameras of all types.


Mat is a Commercial photographer and instructor based in the North of Sweden, with 15 years of experience photographing from the Antarctic to Zambia and 80 countries in between. When not working for corporate clients he is driven by a desire to see new places and is always looking for the most beautiful landscapes. For the last 5 years he has been helping photographers develop their skills, specializing in landscape and Aurora photography.